Premiere Shorts 2012 Shortlist

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The New Zealand Film Commission is pleased to announce the shortlisted projects for the 2012 round of Premiere Shorts.  More than 100 projects were submitted in this funding round and the Executive Producer groups were impressed with the quality of applications and the variety of projects being put forward.

The teams selected will now go into a development phase and up to six films will receive a funding green light in early 2013.

BLUE HARVEST, Executive Producer Group (Paul Swadel, Steve Barr, Daniel Story)


Writer: Hugh Calveley; Director: TBC; Producers: Tom Hern & Luke Robinson
She's trapped on a derelict spaceship hurtling toward Earth.  Her father's dying and she’s desperately trying to save his life—only to discover the shocking truth of her identity.

Writer: Ferand Peek; Director: Ferand Peek; Producer: Daniel Lynch
When a tormented ex-mercenary saves an unconscious woman washed up near his secluded beach-house he gets more than he bargained for when  hostile aliens arrive hunting her.

Writers: Christopher Nicholls & Luke Anastassiou-Hedley; Director: Luke Anastassiou-Hedley; Producer: Andrew Beattie
In a dystopian future where one side of the Earth is trapped in permanent night, a pair of Nightside junkies, addicted to the drug “Tan”, secretly build an illegal raft with the dream of sailing to the Dayside to see the sun.

Writer: Matt Inns; Director: Matt Inns; Producer: Melissa Dodds
In a derelict, oppressive future world known as The State, an outlaw must go to extreme measures for what is held dearest.

Writer: Paul Campion & Peter Watts; Director: Paul Campion; Producer: Sarah Wensley 
A pharmaceutical company accidentally discovers a dormant vampire gene in humans and plans to create genetically engineered vampires for profit.

ROBIN SCHOLES, Executive Producer


Writer: Rollo Wenlock & Gregory David King; Director: Rollo Wenlock; Producer: Gemma Freeman
During the annual deer hunt, it takes being trapped under a sheep, thinking he's dying for ageing farmer David to finally come out to his rugged farmer mates.

Writer: Joe Lonie; Director: Joe Lonie; Producer: Tom Hern
Stuck inside a speeding tour van, a 90s’ rock band succumbs to travel sickness as they deconstruct the heist that robbed them of an entire weekend’s door take.

Writer: Casey Whelan; Director: Louise Leitch; Producer: Melissa Dodds
Two hostages seek refuge in their imaginations and each other, as they attempt to survive the horrors of reality.

SHORT & SHARP, Executive Producer Group (Michelle Turner, Nick Ward)


Writers: John Leigh & Greg Johnson; Director: Jonathon Brough; Producer: TBC
Two men recover from a night out drinking to find themselves in the dark on a vast stretch of ice.  Soon they begin to wonder if this is the afterlife.  

Writers: Tim Tsiklauri & Luke Watkinson; Director: Tim Tsiklauri; Producer: Nicola Peeperkoorn
A struggling painter takes on a commission that promises fame, but may cost him his soul.

Writer: Linda Niccol; Director: Linda Niccol; Producers: Glenis Giles & Charlotte Larsen
A blind man finds love with the help of his other, very finely tuned senses.

Writer: Barry Prescott; Director: Barry Prescott; Producers: Barry Prescott & Mike Robinson
With the world ending around him, a man tries to get to safety, but must first get past an overly zealous parking warden.

Writer: Corey Chalmers; Director: Steve Saussey; Producer: Yolande Dewey
 A magical, modern fable.  A beardless man enters a beard-growing competition to win a meat raffle for himself and his dog.  



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