Matthew Metcalfe

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  • 9 Across

    Roles: Producer
    9 Across is a short film about choices. Incarcerated in a maximum security prison for robbing a bank, Leo is an inmate with a secret.
  • Auld Lang Syne

    Roles: Executive Producer
    Director’s Notes: David Gunson
  • Beyond The Edge

    Roles: Producer
    Sir Edmund Hillary’s incredible achievement remains one of the greatest adventure stories of all time; the epic journey of a man from modest
  • Dean Spanley

    Roles: Producer
    Reincarnation and reconciliation form the heart of Dean Spanley, a new feature comedy-drama inspired by the 1936 novella My Talks With De...
  • Giselle

    Roles: Producer
    Filming of Giselle commenced in October/November 2012 in the lead up to  the ballet's premiere in Wellington on 7 November, ahead
  • Little Samurai

    Roles: Producer
    Little Samurai is the third film from writer/director Jesse Warn and producer Matthew Metcalfe.
  • Love Birds

    Roles: Producer
    Love Birds, starring acclaimed Golden Globe Award-winning British actress Sally Hawkins and internationally popular comedian, broadcaster
  • Nemesis Game

    Roles: Producer
    A co-production between New Zealand, Canada and the UK, Nemesis Game began as an idea by director Jesse Warn to write a screenplay ar
  • Picnic Stops

    Roles: Producer
    Director’s Notes
  • The Dead Lands

    Roles: Producer
    The Dead Lands is the fourth feature by acclaimed New Zealand director Toa Fraser (Dean Spanley, No.
  • The Ferryman

    Roles: Producer
    THE CLASSIC GREEK MYTH AS INSPIRATION The Ferryman's inspiration is the Greek myth of Charon The Ferryman of Hades. This underworld boatman rowed ...