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Official co-productions are film and television projects made in accordance with treaties or other formal agreements between New Zealand and other countries. 

Official international co-productions are an increasingly attractive option for many producers. There are numerous potential benefits of official co-productions, including the sharing of creative and technical resources. Other benefits include:

  • access to local and foreign incentives and subsidies
  • access to the market of the other co-producer or co-producers
  • the ability to pool financial resources
  • the ability to share the associated financial risk
  • the ability to deliver projects of larger scale

In New Zealand, a feature film certified as an official co-production is deemed to have significant New Zealand content, making it eligible to apply to us for production financing. 

Current treaties

New Zealand has co-production treaties or agreements with Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Republic of Korea (film only), Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Chinese Taipei and the UK. More information about the Chinese Taipei co-production agreement will be published soon.

Treaties in negotiation

Brazil, Poland, Israel, Canada (re-negotiation)

Assessment criteria

Applications are assessed against the relevant treaty or agreement.  The general principle for all co-productions is to achieve a balance in creative, financing and expenditure contributions from each country.  The production must also have a producer from each co-producing country and generally all key creatives must come from one of those countries.

The New Zealand creative contribution is measured through a points test, details of which are set out on the application form. 


Applications are assessed by staff and are presented to our Certification Committee for final approval.

There are two stages to the application process: 

  • Provisional application
    You should complete and submit the provisional application form when finance for the production is committed, but before pre-production starts.  Please allow four weeks for your fully completed application to be assessed.
  • Final application
    You should complete and submit the final application form once the production is completed.  Please allow four weeks for your application to be assessed.

Please note that approval on equivalent terms from the competent authority of both countries must be obtained in order for a production to be certified as an official co-production.

Completed Application Forms and any questions about this process, should be sent to