Premiere Shorts

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We are seeking to make some changes to Premiere Shorts.  

Please note that the following guidelines refer to last year’s Premiere Shorts funding round.  The NZFC does not anticipate accepting applications for Premiere Shorts in 2014.  In line with a consultancy paper provided to industry on 7 March 2014, we are currently seeking feedback on a proposed new structure, Premiere Pathways, to replace Premiere Shorts.  The deadline for written feedback on this proposition—as part of a larger short film funding review—is 5pm, Friday 28 March 2014.  More information is available here.”

Premiere Shorts 2013.

Premiere Shorts represented our highest level of short film funding targeted at launching New Zealand talent on the international stage.

In the past we have supported established short form filmmakers to produce top level creative work to enable them to attract international industry attention. 

Premiere Shorts selections were administered by industry based Executive Producer groups (EPs) selected by our Board. 

At a glance - Premiere Shorts 

  • Who could apply: Applications were generally made by teams (producer, director and writer) but the EPs retained the discretion to consider projects that were still looking for producers or directors.
  • How they applied: Applicants applied directly to the EP teams. Each team had its own focus and approach to short filmmaking. Applications were made to all three teams, but we recommended filmmakers read each group's application criteria to ensure they qualified.
  • Application dates:  Applications were annual and open mid-year.
  • Level of funding: Up to six films were funded annually at a budget level of up to $90,000.

If you have any queries about Premiere Shorts funding, please email