Short Film International Festival Fund

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This fund is designed to help the makers of great short films have their work seen here and overseas. If you've been invited to a significant festival, we may be able to help.

At a glance

  • Who can apply: Filmmakers whose short film is selected by a significant international film festival.
  • Level of funding: case by case basis.
  • Type of funding: Grant
  • Application deadlines: Applications can be submitted at any time.

What’s involved

The Short Film International Festival Fund provides financial assistance towards the travel costs for the makers of short films invited to significant film festivals.  There is also some funding available to cover post-production costs where that is necessary for your film to meet minimum screening requirements.

Read our Qualifying Festivals list below.

The process

Applications are assessed by our Talent Development team and any other relevant staff within two weeks. You will be contacted once decisions are made.


Please read the Short Film International Festival Fund Guidelines and download the application form below.  If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Please note that our application forms are writable PDFs. You must download and save them to your computer before you can type into them (right click, then save as). Many browsers (including Chrome and Firefox) will automatically open these documents in a ‘preview’ form that will not allow you to type into them or will not allow you to save what you have.