Fresh Shorts

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Fresh Shorts aims to identify the next generation of New Zealand feature filmmakers by nurturing and inspiring up-and-coming talent.

2016/17 Fresh Shorts

We have $280,000 available for the production of up to 14 Fresh 10 and Fresh 30 short films. We have two rounds per year. Both rounds are open to Fresh 10 and Fresh 30 submissions.  We’ll be looking to fund between 3 - 4 Fresh 10 and Fresh 30 films in each round.  That said, we may choose to fund fewer or more films in a single round, depending on the calibre of applications.

Key dates

Please note, we have changed the dates of our Fresh Shorts deadlines – they are now occurring later in the 2016 calendar year. Please check the website regularly over the coming months leading up to the Round 1 deadline for other updates. Round 2 dates will be confirmed later this year.


Friday 10 June 2016 deadline for submissions

Friday 21 October 2016 Public announcement of funded shorts


Dates to be confirmed.

Fresh Shorts - At a glance

  • Who can apply: Fresh Shorts is open to applications for short narrative films, which may be live action, animation or documentary. 
  • Level of funding: We fund up to seven short films at $10,000 per film and up to seven short films at $30,000 per film.

What's Involved?

All applications must have a director attached to the project to gain funding. Projects applying for Fresh 30 must have a producer who is separate from the director.  Writers, producers and directors must be New Zealand citizens or residents. Read the Fresh Shorts Guidelines for more information, and download the application form below.

The Process

Submissions are assessed by external industry readers, as well as the New Zealand Film Commission, to create a shortlist of projects that fit the criteria and best reflect the intentions of the scheme.

The shortlist is assessed by a panel made up of three external industry members and three NZFC staff members.  Over two one-day meetings, up to 14 final films are selected for funding.

Film proposals will be assessed on the following:

  • Filmmaking talent involved
  • The idea and strength of the project
  • Director’s voice
  • Quality of the script
  • Point of difference
  • Ability to deliver the project


Each project can be submitted up to three times. If a project is unsuccessful in Round 1, you are welcome to reapply with the original project the following Round but only if you can provide strong evidence of further development since your original application.

Please note that our application forms are writable pdf’s. You must download and save them to your computer before you can type into them (right click, then save as). Many browsers (including Chrome and Firefox) will automatically open these documents in a ‘preview’ form that will not allow you to type into them or will not allow you to save what you have written.

If you have any queries about Fresh Shorts funding, please email [email protected]