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Pathways to Features: Fresh Ideas on NZFC Short Film Funding

The NZFC recognises that short films play an important role in establishing unique creative voices, reflecting New Zealand culture and helping filmmakers develop craft skills and long-term relationships with cast, crew and the wider screen industry, both locally and internationally. Many celebrated New Zealand feature filmmakers have used NZFC-funded short films as a key strategy in moving towards feature films.

We want to help more short filmmakers establish a clearer and more effective trajectory towards feature films. Consequently, we have reworked our short film funding structures in the following ways:

  • Fresh 10 and Fresh 30 will now have a more flexible approach to budgets. We recognise that these arbitrary numbers need some elasticity and we will now occasionally grant an increased amount to a film when we believe it is warranted and will benefit the project.
  • Premiere Pathways is new fund enabling feature-focused filmmakers to take strategic steps in their career, through creating material that showcases both their proposed feature film and their own talent in a powerful way. Funding is available for the creation of a high-end short film (beyond the scope of Fresh 10 and Fresh 30 funding), as part of a proposed pathway to getting your feature film made.
  • After industry consultation and internal discussion, funding through Premiere Shorts will no longer be available. 




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