Feature Films

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We invest in feature films for the big screen that entertain audiences and are recognised and celebrated all over the world.  Our investment in film develops careers and attracts international business to help drive our economy.

We invest and administer funding for films at every budget level and seek to support cinematic films for diverse audiences to enjoy.  As well as production funding, we can help with financial and logistical support for developing ideas and scripts, post production, marketing and getting films on to screens here and overseas.

We offer a range of funding opportunities for feature film projects, from first-draft funding right through to grants enabling you to finish your film so it can be exhibited. 

Feature film funding can be broken down into the following areas:

  • Development Funding
    We support the development of scripts and film projects with the aim of getting them to the production stage.

  • Production Funding
    We offer discretionary production financing to projects with significant New Zealand content that meet one or more of our key values.  This financing is by way of an equity investment in the project. 
  • Post Production Funding
    We offer post production funding to films that have already been shot but need financial assistance to be finished.  There are a number of options including Post Production Financing and the Feature Film Finishing Grant.  We also administer the Post, Digital and Visual Effects Grant for larger feature projects. 

We also administer the Government's incentive schemes.