Talent Development Fund

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We help filmmakers and screen practitioners develop their career pathways by supporting them to gain professional development and/ or experience through whatever is most meaningful to them through contestable funding.

At a glance

Individuals can apply for a grant of up to NZ$5,000 to help cover the costs of a significant professional development opportunity in your area of expertise. Eg, attendance at workshops, mentorship, etc.

Organisations can apply for a grant of up to $50,000 to contribute towards a significant talent development initiative or programme.  The NZFC cannot be the only funding provider and the applicant must be able to prove additional funds from other organisations in order to be eligible for this funding.

Who can apply:

Individuals: Screen industry professionals with 3+ years in the industry.  You must be able to prove you are proactively working towards feature films.  You must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

Organisations: Industry organisations that have an active track record in successfully delivering training opportunities in NZ.  Please note, organisations that have received Guild Core Funding Support, Tangata Whenua/ Diversity Funding Support or Strategic Training Support are not eligible to apply for the Talent Development Fund.  Strategic Training Support applications are accepted annually in April.  More information can be found here.

Level of funding:

Up to $5,000 for individuals

Up to $50,000 for organisations

Type of funding: Grant

Application deadline: Applications can be submitted at any time but the fund is limited. 

 Please note: We have quarterly allocations to ensure funds are available throughout the year. Once these amounts have been reached funding may be not available until the next quarter. 

What’s involved

Your application must include:

  • completed application coversheet (see below)
  • a personal statement outlining how the opportunity/ initiative will develop your skills and career
  • career strategy outlining how this opportunity contributes towards your plans
  • description of the specific opportunity
  • confirmation that you have been accepted to take part (if applicable)
  • budget
  • Full CV

The process

Applications from individuals will be assessed by the Talent Development Team and recommendations will be made by the Head of Talent Development and CEO who will make the final decision. 

Applications from organisations will be decided by Head of Talent Development and CEO.

Applications take up to 10 working days to consider.  Due to volume, we are unable to turn applications around faster than this so please take this into account when you apply. 


Please be aware that:

If you are successful, you will have to report back to us on following the development opportunity and may be called on to share their experience with the wider industry.

We will not pay for general tertiary training costs.

We cannot fund retrospectively.

Producers should check whether the Producer International Travel Assistance is more appropriate before applying.

You can apply multiple times if necessary but you cannot receive more than the maximum for an individual or organisation within a 12 month period. 

Our investment is discretionary and our decisions are final.  The criteria we apply may change from time to time but our decisions will be consistent with the New Zealand Film Commission Act 1978.


Please complete the cover sheet application form below and send with your supporting material (preferably in a single PDF) to [email protected].

Contact us

For more information contact our Talent Development Team [email protected] or phone 0800 659 754