Business Development

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The Business Development Scheme (BDS) aims to grow the screen sector and ensure New Zealand stories can continue to be told while fostering the development of businesses with the scale and connections to attract more private and overseas investment.

We are supporting a three year programme, that commenced in 2013/14, to help new and existing screen sector businesses grow to the next stage. We have allocated $3 million dollars to the scheme over a three year period.

This builds on past devolved development and overhead schemes.  It extends our support for screen sector businesses by funding their development as well as the development of the film content they produce. It is not limited to film projects.

The purpose of the Business Development Scheme (BDS) is to enhance the development of New Zealand screen businesses by:

  • Supporting existing businesses to grow to their next stage;
  • Encouraging new business partnerships and alliances;
  • Assisting New Zealand screen companies to develop a strong presence in the international marketplace;
  • Encouraging the development of new revenue streams and alternative distribution models;
  • Facilitating increased development of quality New Zealand projects and talent; and
  • Encouraging development, production and marketing strategies which address new opportunities in the digital and online realm.

The NZFC has made an initial allocation of $3 million (over a three year period) to the BDS.


We will make a decision on funding further companies through the BDS once the companies funded to date have had an opportunity to demonstrate the scheme is achieving its objectives.  If there is a future round, it is likely to be well flagged in our newsletter.