We provide loans and equity financing to New Zealand filmmakers to assist in the development and production of feature films and short films. 

We invest in and promote short films, low budget features and cinematic documentaries and feature films with significant New Zealand content.  

We also administer funding from the Large Budget Screen Production Grant, the Post, Digital and Visual Effects Grant and the Screen Production Incentive Fund.  We invest in and nurture talent through our project and career development initiatives and work in partnership with industry guilds and training organisations to offer capability building and networking opportunities. If you are interested in funding to attend a workshop or course, please go to Career.

We actively encourage and support work with Māori and Pacific Island content and themes.  We provide funding directly to Te Paepae Ataata as an alternative development pathway for Māori  filmmakers. 

If your project is destined solely for television or an online/mobile audience you may be able to receive funding from NZ On Air. If your project is a multi-media/video installation aimed at art galleries or museums, we suggest you contact Creative NZ for information on their funding options.



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