In this disturbing drama, a group of tough young men walk down a deserted street at night.  They're drinking and boasting about a fight. Kev, the younger brother, is sober and is clearly uncomfortable with everything that is going on.  When he sees someone lying on a traffic island int he middle of the road, the whole group go over to check it out. It's an old man, coscious, but silent. Kev suggests they get help, but the rest of the gang hassle the old guy, harassing him for money.  While Kev tries to flag down a passing car, Scaz pulls a knife on the old man, threatening him with a beating.

The old man pees his pants in terror and Marty decides to give him a 'shower'. Disgusted by this, Kev decks Marty only to receive a harder punch in retaliation. The guys tease Marty as they walk away, but Marty takes the time to check Kev is okay before joining them.  He says he had to do it or risk being ribbed by his mates.  As Kev lies there crying, the old man sits up and pats him on the shoulder.

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Endymion Productions
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NZ Film

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Steve Latty
Chris Plummer