It's 1903: South African farmer Arjan can Diemen has lost everything - his wife, children, farm and home - in the brutal Boer War in which he fought against the colonising British.  Arriving in New Zealand, he is immediately hired by Major Carlyle to track Kereama, a Maori seafarer accused of murdering a soldier.  Their paths crossed in South Africa, so Carlyle knows Arjan is a master tracker and Arjan suspects Carlyle knows something about the disappearance of his family.  Kererama has just arrived home after more than 20 years travelling the world on a whaling ship.  He was drawn back to clear his family of the shame attached to their rebellion and consequent loss of land and mana in the New Zealand Land Wars of hte 19th Century.


Production Year: 
Production Company: 
Eden Films, T.H.E. Film Production

Key Cast

Key Crew

Director of Photography
Harvey Harrison
Production Designer
Rick Koefed
Sean Barton
Costume Designer
Bob Buck