The World in Your Window is a love story between a father and son; and a beautiful reminder that amidst grief, help often comes from unexpected places and in fortuitous ways. Sometimes one has to be willing to open their eyes and step outside in order to heal.

The film was inspired by a documentary I made called King of Caravans. An intimate observation of a caravan park, in small town New Zealand, Wanaganui. This caravan park opened its rusty gates to all- the lost, the lonely, the poor and the broken. It was a place where people came to escape, hide and get back on their feet. While working on another project, my mind kept drifting back to this place. I wondered what life would be like for some of the solo parents and children, cooped up living in those caravans. What would it take for them to reconnect with the world again, even under their crushing circumstances?

There was a strength, perceptiveness and heart in some of these characters I observed and I wanted to explore this world more deeply and dramatically. The World in your Window mixes grunty street casting with professional actors.

I thrive on making films that merge reality with fiction. I like the unpredictable and surprising qualities non- actors bring and how their life and story is literally etched into their face and eyes. There's an authenticity, specificity and richness to these characters that informs my creative process and approach. Both Repa (the transsexual) and David (the wee boy) had never acted before. The choice to only use three lines of dialogue was a conscious one. I love the challenge of trying to tell short stories with minimal dialogue. So much can be said without dialogue. I also wanted to explore the films themes through visual language.Framing and obscuring the characters through windows was used to enforce the feeling of their entrapment mentally and physically. As the film progresses and the characters open themselves up, and engage with the world we see them in their entirety.

Technical Info: 
HD Digital, DCP and Blu-Ray, 16:9
Production Year: 
2017: Tribeca Film Festival, Clermont Ferrand Film Festival (Prix Etudiant de la Jeunesse award), Melbourne International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Flicker Rhode Island Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Short Shorts Film Festival, Asia Pacific International Film Festival (Best International Short Film)

Key Crew

Marty Williams
Annie Collins