The Strength of Water

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When a mysterious stranger arrives in their isolated costal town, ten-year-old twins Kimi and Melody are forced apart.  Kimi must find the strength to let go of what he loves the most.

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    86 min
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Released in Kiwi cinemas in August 2009 - after winning praise at festivals in Berlin and Rotterdam - The Strength of Water marks the big-screen debut of Māori playwright Briar Grace-Smith, and Pākehā director Armagan Ballantyne. The film centres on a 10-year-old twin brother and sister in an isolated part of the Hokianga, and the events that follow when they encounter a young stranger. The Strength of Water merges a spare, naturalistic portrait of a Māori family struggling to stay above water, with moody images of earth and sea, loss and new beginnings.

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Colour, 35mm, Dolby Digital
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Filmworks, Pandora Films
Qantas Film and Television Awards, Best Sound Design; Asia Pacific Film Awards 2009, Finalist; Rotterdam; Berlin; Seattle; Hawaii; Grand Junior Prize, Cinejunior; Grand Prix, Annonay
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Hanway Select

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