With the work Christmas party finished, workaholic banker Michael has to finish his report
but is left wrestling with a faulty printer. Cleaning the apparently empty office is Manut’s job
She’s confined her imaginative 9 year old daughter Safal to one corner only. Problem is right
in front of Safal, teasing, sits a lit up Christmas tree with enticing presents below. Safal
wants the biggest present. The one with the shiniest bow. It’s just a matter of choosing the
right moment to open it….

Unbeknown to Michael, he is being watched by Safal. When he munches on chips and
makes a mess that her mother will have to clean, Safal decides she is going to teach him a
little lesson. From an empty Christmas present under the tree she produces an imaginary
gun and stalks Michael until he surprises both himself and her by producing his own gun at
this point both their guns become visible to the audience! They mockfight, she defeats him and he atones for his messmaking by picking up spilt chips in front of her mum.

They join forces against an imaginary enemy as their fantasy brings the office to life around
them. An unlikely bond grows from their battle. Safal realizes Michael isn’t quite the person
she assumed he was, and he in turn realizes there is more to life than finishing his report.

Technical Info: 
Colour, 2K, 2.35:1
Production Year: 
Production Company: 
Godwit Films, KHF Media
2013 - Show Me Shorts
Sales Agent: 
NZ Film

Key Roles


Key Cast

Key Crew

Director of Photography
David Paul
Gretchen Peterson
Production Designer
Nick Riera
Tom McLeod