The Inland Road explores the unconventional love story between an anti-social teenager, a Scotsman and a five-year-old-girl. Tia hitches a ride on an isolated country road. When the car crashes with fatal consequences, Tia finds she has nowhere to go. Seeking out the family of the crash victim, Tia moves onto the farm of fellow survivor Will and his pregnant wife Donna. When Donna’s bereaved five-year-old niece Lily also comes to stay, Tia finds a purpose in helping the girl come to terms with her father’s death. But as Tia’s bonds with Will and Lily deepen, her presence threatens the family’s delicate balance.

Technical Info: 
Aspect ratio: 2:39:1, Sound: 5.1
Production Year: 
Production Company: 
Sabertooth Films Ltd.
Sales Agent: 
Level K