Based on the acclaimed novel by Maraget Mahy, The Changeover tells the story of Laura, who loses her little brother in earthquake-scarred Christchurch. A decrepit old man marks the child’s hand with a noxious stamp. Jacko sickens quickly while the man grows younger. The doctors insist Jacko needs a bone marrow transplant — and Laura is the only donor. But Laura becomes convinced a mysterious older boy can help her “change over” and become a witch, defeating the evil spirit sucking the life out of her brother.

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Key Cast

Carmody Braque
Timothy Spall
Miryam Carlisle
Lucy Lawless
Kate Chant
Melanie Lynskey
Laura Chant
Erana James
Jacko Chant
Benji Purchase

Key Crew

Andrew Stroud
Production Desginer
Iain Aitken
Dan Kircher
Costume Designer
Kirsty Cameron
Andrew Thomas