TAKU RAKAU E is a waiata tawhito composed about 1873 by Mihikitekapua of Tūhoe. Now in 2009, some generations later Mihikitekapua’s descendents continue to sing her waiata. In this short film Mihikitekapua laments the loss of land and her family succinctly phrased in a haunting lament.

Erana, a young girl is learning Taku Rakau E at school. The school is set in a small rural village on the fringes of the Urewera.

Take Rakau E is brought to life by nan who agrees to tell the story of Mihikitekapua to her great – grand – daugter, Erana. The pair drifts back and forth revisiting the times of the great chief Takahi and his warriors. Erena imagines, (sees), that Mihikitekapua searches in vain for Takahi and his people.

She develops a strong sense of belonging as the story unfolds, and a new found pride in her tipuna – kuia.

She learns that she is one of many descendents of Mihikitekapua.

Erana empathises with Mihikitekapua and her long walk through the long dark night where her ancestors beckon her with the words of the waiata, Taku Rakau E.  


Technical Info: 
HDCam/35mm, 1:1.85
Production Year: