“SNAKESKIN” is an adjective more than a noun. It’s a state of mind,” says Writer/ Director GILLIAN ASHURST. “The film is essentially about taking risks. Our two heroes have grown up watching too much film and television and they’re expecting life to offer them those sorts of adventures.”

“And it’s also about corruption,” says Ashurst, “about loss of innocence. On the surface everything seems so perfect in this place.. but underneath it’s a different story… There’s this famous New Zealand postcard – it’s a couple of spring lambs playing amongst the daffodils. Looks so beautiful. Except we forget where those lambs must inevitably end up. ‘Snakeskin’ is a journey to the flip side of that postcard.”

A seasoned traveler, Ashurst was inspired by “a lot of experiences that I’ve had and characters that I’ve met along the way, both here and abroad. And a love of road movies. I grew up in a similar environment to these kids and the sorts of things they do are exactly the sorts of things my friends and I did when we were growing up. We’d go off in on crazy journeys, waiting to see if things would happen - and sometimes they did.”

Technical Info: 
Colour, 35mm
Production Year: 
Production Company: 
Cowgirl productions
Best Film New Zealand Film Awards 2001

Key Crew

Director of Photography
Donald Duncan
Cushla Dillon