Rosie, a tubby sausage dog, sits on the verandah couch having a sunabthe. Her owner, Mrs Walker, comes out of the house and tells Rosie she'll have to go to the vet and be put on a diet.

Mrs Walker calls Rosie to take her to the vet. Rosie imagines horrible scenes of being cut up by the vet and runs inside. 

Eventually she is taken to the vet and put on a strict diet.

She is very unhappy. After eating her small meal, she eats the cat's meal as well.

Mrs Walker is angry and puts her outside. Rosie runs along the road to Mrs Brown's for comfort and perhaps a biscuit.

She jumps  through Mrs Brown's cat door and gets stuck. Mrs Brown tries to free Rosie, but can't and goes off to call Mrs Walker.

Rosie is determined to free herself as she doesn't want to look like a fool. She manages to squirm loose befoe Mrs Brown makes the phone call. 

Mrs brown is very pleased to see that Rosie has unstuck herself and offers her a biscuit as a reward. Rosie begs but then sits down again. A biscuit is not the answer. She'd rather go for a walk.

Rosie and Mrs Brown go off down the road and meet up with Mrs Walker who has been looking for Rosie.

Technical Info: 
Colour, 16mm
Production Year: 
Production Company: 
Cracker Films
Sales Agent: 
NZ Film