Rose's Tale is the debut short film from Michael Winkelman, a New Zealander who has been based in Bristol, England, for the last 15 years.

The story is based on a friend's recounting of an actual experience with the location being transferred from Sydney to London's Underground. By using the Northern Line with its grimy appearance and old-fashioned carriage, an atmosphere of neglect and the possibility that anything can happen contributes to the story...

The story is about Rose, a picture editor working long hours and reliant on using public transport. Rose finds herself on an empty carriage on the LondonUnderground. When a strane an sits down next to Rose, a mind game commences. How is Rose going to turn the situation in her favour?

The film was shot guerilla style and is virtually all handheld - due to problems with transporting equipment, only the available light was used. 

Technical Info: 
16 mm
Production Company: 
Henryz Filmz
Sales Agent: 
NZ Film