Seven-year-old David is sick of being left behind. He convinces his lumberjack Father into taking him into the rugged bush of New Zealand, but his eleven-year-old brother Nathan, doesn’t think David’s up to the challenge.

That night in the forest hut, Dad’s workmate, Toko, tells a tall tale of a notorious possum named Scar, setting David’s nerves on edge. After a rough sleep in a tent, terrorised by night creatures, the boys are woken by Dad and the other woodcutters setting off to work. Nathan drags David into the bush to hunt the possum from Toko’s story. Nathan hatches a plan to capture the beast, but Scar is not like any other possum. David will need to face his fears to prove himself in his brother’s eyes.

Technical Info: 
DCP, 2.35:1 Cinemascope, Dolby Digital
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