One Thousand Ropes

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One Thousand Ropes is a powerful character drama of a father reconnecting with his youngest daughter and together putting to rest the ghosts that haunt them.

She arrives vulnerable: badly beaten and heavily pregnant. He struggles on one hand, with the inner temptation and the encouragement from the men in his life to take revenge in the way he knows best,  and on the other, to build the new family and companionship so desperately missing from his life.

One Thousand Ropes is a deeply moving film about connections, redemption and new beginnings. 

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    98 min
  • Sales Agent: 
    Mongrel International


Shot in the Wellington suburb of Newtown in November and December of 2015, One Thousand Ropes is the second feature together for director Tusi Tamasese and producer Catherine Fitzgerald.

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Blueskin Films
Sales Agent: 
Mongrel International