Louie and Darius are young practitioners of classical arts, living together in a small flat. Louie is a still-life painter, whose obsessive compulsive nature is reflected in his too-neat environment and slow progress. Darius is a zealous violinist in the midst of composing a violin solo. Their symbiotic relationship allows them comfort and mutual appreciation. 

When they receive a letter from their landlord, their complacent existence is threatened.  Faced with eviction, Louie and Darius search for a third roommate to help pay for the property rather than give up their artistic den. 

Unfortunately, their dislike of modern society makes the search challenging, as the prospective tenants prove to be wildly divergent to their own sensibilities.  When contemporary dancer Rangi enters, he immediately disrupts their routines. Unexpectedly, Louie and Darius find not only a roommate, but also a partner to complete their artistic trio.

Technical Info: 
Red Dragon 6K, 16:9, PRORES 4.4.4, 16 BIT, 24 FPS.
Production Year: 

Key Roles


Key Crew

Director of Photography
Luke Evans
Production Desginer
Leonie May
Elizabeth Denekamp