Meet the Feebles

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An adult fantasy film, Meet the Feebles relates the events that lead up to the infamous 'Feebles Variety Massacre' - the day that rocked the puppet world.

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    96 min


Meet the Feebles was director Peter Jackson's second feature film.  He describes the film as "a kind of Rodger Rabbit meets Brazil". Says Jackson, "I decided from the outset to make exactly the sort of puppet film that I would enjoy. It was a challenge to make myself laugh, and since I still chuckle whenever I see Meet the Feebles, I guess I succeeded."



Technical Info: 
Colour; 35mm
Production Year: 
Production Company: 
Wingnut Films
Hawaii International Film Festival-USA 2001; Fantastik Film Festival-Sweden 2002; Astor Cinema Restrospective 2003; Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2003; Goldcoast Fant. Film Festival-Australia 2002; Puchon International Film Festival-Korea 2002; Drifting Clouds Film Festival-NZ 2001; Kino AERO 2003

Key Cast

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Heidi the Hippo: 

Key Crew

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Puppet Designer: 
Production Designer: 


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