Grace has a bleak daily existence in a future world, going to work in an anonymous virtual space and returning home, alone.

She escapes the routine by entering a virtual world, where she meets up with her virtual boyfriend.  These encounters however have been leaving her feeling dissatisfied and empty.

One day Grace encounters a moment of chance with Ben, a stranger.  They are thrown together, and in the shock of the moment they clasp hands, both alive with the experience of a real connection.  This moment is what Grace has been searching for.  She breaks out of her virtual stupor and begins to seek the connection again with others in reality.

Grace goes to a seedy nightclub and allows herself to be seduced by a beautiful woman.  This situation turns ugly and she must run.  She is confused, this is not the answer.  She is desperate to clarify her feelings and her struggle with the virtual haze she is immersed in.  Finally, she confronts Angelife, the server behind her virtual boyfriend, and lashes out against him and the lies he represents.

Upset and alone, no longer having the artificial comfort of virtual, Grace goes home.  On the way, she bumps into Ben and he offers to walk with here.  As they walk along, a man staggers into them, lost in a virtual fantasy.  He fails to see an approaching van.  As the man dies, Ben reaches for his virtual glasses trying to escape the drama.

Grace pleads with him not to go, saying that she needs him.  She now lives for the real moment, good or bad.  Shaking and scared, they tentatively embrace

Technical Info: 
Colour, 35 mm, Dolby Digital
Production Year: 
Production Company: 
d + d Productions
2000 - Telluride Film Festival. 2001 - Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival Forum
Sales Agent: 
NZ Film

Key Cast

Key Crew

Director of Photography
Grant McKinnon
Production Designer
Kirsty Clayton
Wayne Cook