Kombi Nation is told through the eyes of a documentary film crew who have travelled to London to make a ‘reality-TV’ show about the group’s journey. But as the trip goes awry, the crew are drawn more and more onto the other side of the camera.

For Director Lahood, the quintessential New Zealand OE is the Kombi trip around Europe. He decided it was high time that someone used this phenomenon as a backdrop for a movie. So, over one hectic month, the four actors and five crew slogged their way around the campsites of France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. “I felt it was important for us to shoot the film right in amongst the hundreds of other antipodean travellers who make this journey every year. We used guerrilla tactics to film the scripted scenes amongst the debauchery that is the ‘Big OE’."

Technical Info: 
Colour; 35mm; 1:1.8; Dolby Digital
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Production Company: 
Kahukura Productions
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Hanway Select