Heavenly Creatures, set in Christchurch in 1954, is based on the true story of two girls, Juliet Hulme and Pauline Rieper, who murdered Pauline's mother - one of the most bizarre and notorious cases in New Zealand's history.

Both girls came from very different backgrounds but shared an outrageous love of fantasy and novel writing. The friendship quickly blossomed into an exclusive society of two, with the girls creating a complex fantasy life that included a made-up religion, Mario Lanza and a mythical kingdom.

The film is a study of an extraordinary friendship; a joyous, exhilarating relationship between two teenage girls, filled with humour, intelligence and two wonderful imaginations - and the tragic outcome of that relationship.

Technical Info: 
Colour, 35mm, Dolby
Production Year: 
Production Company: 
Wingnut Films

Key Cast