I was fascinated by the subculture of [email protected], in which people all over the world donate their computer power to analyse radio signals for extraterrestrial activity, often building giant servers in their garage or home office. Looking at photos of old PC towers haphazardly wired together, there was something both humorous and moving about the hopes and aspirations placed on these pieces of obsolete hardware, all of which were destined to one day fail and break down.

I’m interested in the subconscious layer of the world - hidden desires and realities that lie beneath the surface of things, and how we make sense of life by telling ourselves stories. In Explorer I wanted to show someone in a desperate situation, living in an environment stripped down to a technological core - and the mental journey they would go on to find beauty and meaning in such a place.

Technical Info: 
Arri Alexa XT, Aspect 1:1.85, Dolby 5.1
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Key Roles

Exec. Producer

Key Cast

Key Crew

Director of Photography
Matt Henley
Art Director
Sandy Burton-Davis
Mike Potton
Jason Post