Ellen is Leaving

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Ellen is cool. She is recycling stuff before she heads overseas including her boyfriend. She decides to gift him to a new girlfriend, but can she really give him up?

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    15 min


This anti-romantic comedy shows Ellen, who on the eve of her departure for foreign shores, receives a thoughtful goodbye present from her boyfriend. This prompts her to gift him a replacement girlfriend, but her plan is far more successful then she ever anticipated - can she really give him up?

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Colour, Arri Alexa, 1.2:35
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Paint by Numbers Ltd
2012 - Chicago International, New Zealand International, Show Me Shorts, 2013 - In Competition Clermont-Ferrand International, SXSW, Aspen Shortsfest, BE Film, San Francisco International Film Festival, St Kilda Film Festival, Nantucket Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival, South Side Film Festival, Marin County Festival of short Film & Video, Heart of Gold International, Rhode Island International Film Festival, 1 Reel Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival, Calgary International Film Festival, Milwaulkee Film Festival, Vancouver international Film Festival, Vilnius Shorts, Seattle Shorts Film Festival, LA Shorts Fest,

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