Will Bastion (Temuera Morrison) returns from 20 years service in the New Zealand Army to Raukura, his hometown, to face the biggest challenge of his life. His father has died, leaving a sacred greenstone patu, the symbol of leadership, to him. He doesn't want it, believing it represents the violence he has turned his back on.

Looking for peace and quiet after the horror of the East Timor War, Will finds no escape from the ravages of the modern world. His family is torn apart, the community an unrecognisable battlefield. They look to him for rescue.

In Will's absence, his brother, the charismatic firebrand Kahu (Lawrence Makoare) has turned the village into a lawless dope-growing wasteland. Riding hard and fast on horseback through the night, brandishing flaming torches, his gang intimidates and punishes anyone in their way. Kahu takes the greenstone patu literally, using its force to club the world into submission.

When Will finds a stash of stolen guns and realises Kahu is involved in murder, he knows he must act to restore peace. It's brother against brother in a flaming inferno of loyalty, betrayal, love and honour.

Technical Info: 
Colour; 35mm
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