"I chose to tell this story from the point of view of the Neighbour, not only because I find his perspective interesting when it comes to this issue, but also because the issue of domestic violence is so heavy and everyone has their own connotations towards it, which is why this film, for me, is not about domestic violence, but rather the influence of it. This allows me to explore a whole range of emotions and feelings, and be able to show them with greater depth by taking us away from the direct environment in which this abuse takes place, and put us somewhere close enough to still reach out to it.

By telling the story from a completely different angle, as an outsider, we feel more connected to it. Everyone who comes into the cinema to watch this piece has their own connection, view, opinion, feelings and thoughts on the issue, but they are rarely faced with or confronted by it. We often view films about the subject matter that puts us right into the life and shows us how horrible that situation is. However, this is not this perspective from which I want my audience to view it. If we want to bring out emotion from an audience, and perhaps even a sense that something needs to be done, then it needs to be reflected in the perspective in which we view the narrative. Thus the point of view of the Neighbour allows us to connect to this world more realistically, drawing us in, getting us involved and immersed, and then hitting us hard with the harsh consequences of the world I have crafted."

- Alexander McKenna, Writer/Director

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Screening format: HD, 1080P, Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
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Picture Start Films

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Key Cast

The Neighbor
Kieran Charnock
The Husband
Mike Minogue
The Wife
Liz Kirkman
The Child
George Baker

Key Crew