It is 1971. New Zealand soldiers are heading off to Vietnam amidst hordes of peace protesters and the heady excitement of a solar eclipse.

In a column of soldiers stopped to board a military truck, Geoff (Kevin Smith) catches sight of Bunnie (Danielle Cormack), a beautiful hippy whose glorious, intimate smile is the lasting vision he takes with him to war.

Destiny brings the pair together a second time, when Geoff returns from Vietnam a few months later. Each has been badly hurt in different ways, but in spite of their personal damage, they fall instantly and passionately in love.

They start a life together and Bunnie gives birth to a baby girl. Their lives should be joyously complete, but one day, Geoff and the baby mysteriously disappear, leaving Bunnie devastated.

Years later, Bunnie accepts help from Cassandra (Amber Sainsbury), a young woman who claims to be a clairvoyant, to find out what has become of her child.

Cassandra brings the couple back together again to solve the mystery of what really happened. Their memories are startlingly different, but pieced together, the truth emerges, bringing escalating consequences.

Technical Info: 
Colour, 35mm, Dolby
Production Year: 
WinFemme Film Festival-USA 2000; Panathenaea Conventions-England 2001; International Film Forum-Aresenal-Latvia 2000;