Director’s Notes

“Changing of the Guards is a film that that is classic in its construction and contemporary in his characterization. It is a pleasure me for to write a film about a 69 year old man and to see that story come to life. At every stage of development, both pre and post production, I felt like the story began to form into something unique and very special. The themes of "pride of man" versus the "place of heart" are very important to me and to find a character to express these themes and interweave them into a story that is captivating for an audience is a delight. Roger and Tana, two Eversafe officers on Christmas Eve are such an unlikely couple. But this "unlikeliless" is something about the film I hope will capture both the hearts and minds of everyone who watches the film. In the same way that it doesn't profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul, Roger is left with the question, "how does it profit a man if he keeps his pride intact, but loses his heart." I hope you will ask the same question at the end of the film.”

Technical Info: 
Colour, 1:2.35
Production Year: 
Production Company: 
B On Guard Productions
2006 - Show Me Shorts Film Festival
Sales Agent: 
NZ Film

Key Roles

Exec. Producer

Key Cast

Key Crew

Director of Photography
Richard Hardling
Production Designer
Ben Barrett
Julie Alp