Director’s Notes

“Of all the films I’ve written, Bridge is the script that excited me to a degree that inspired me to return to my first passion: the director’s chair. Why the excitement? First and foremost, this script exemplifies a style and genre that I have a passion for; fantasy and thriller. This is something that I have studied and adored, and as a film maker it’s worked for me. With Bridge, I wanted to challenge myself as a storyteller by being faithful to the genres but also have a go at pushing them to their limits so not to be pigeon-holed within a style or tone.

With a high concept, my challenge was to then root the story and characters in something common but most importantly human. The idea of the bond between two people in a relationship worked well with what I saw as happening in this story both thematically and tonally. Using the concept of the gravitational “laws of attraction” I used the same phrase with the ideas of a struggling relationship between two lovers. I question not only what is it that draws us to a person but what is it that draws us to that person even after the relationship has ended? With the combination of stunts and computer generated images, I believe we have put together a strong visual film unlike anything else in its field. I am proud and happy to present to you a love story like no other.”

Technical Info: 
35mm; 1.1.85
Production Year: 
Production Company: 
Creation Films
2008 - Valladolid International Film Festival, New Zealand International Film Festival
Sales Agent: 
NZ Film

Key Crew

Director of Photography
Rob Marsh
Production Designer
Colin Elms