Aphrodite's Farm

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Everyone in Taranaki wants to know the secret behind the magical milk produced on Aphrodite’s Farm.

The family secret has remained safe for four generations. However when patriarch
Ralph Riley dies, the future of the farm is thrown into jeopardy.

The timely arrival of young farm hand Friday will bring the family’s destiny full
circle… but things will get a whole lot worse before they get any better.

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    15 min
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    NZ Film



“Uncle Remus perhaps summed it up best when he reminisced to Brer Rabbit:  ‘’Twas a time when men were more like critters, and critters more like men, and some say things was better that way.’

I grew up in a country valley amongst animals, hills, rivers and forests. I owned a dog,a horse and a saddle before my first motorbike or car. Fast forward to 2002: I am now a film maker, on a quest of my own. I’ve been searching far and wide for a suitable short film script for several years. Nothing I read really hooks me for long, nor awakens in me any of the requisite passion for such an undertaking. Until the day in Spring that is, when Aphrodite’s Farm appears on my desk. Unlike many of the more ‘serious’ scripts that I’d read, this is warm, airy and alive. Close to nature, it pulses with the rise and set of the sun, the march of the seasons, life, love, birth and death. I love the characters, the textures, the tone. I imagine a film that appears crafted from the 1930s in which it is set. It is a wonderfully original yarn, yet, like all myths or fables, it is also subconsciously familiar somehow. A life affirming script, Aphrodite’s Farm is a refreshing breath of air in a period when so much of what we see seems crafted primarily to shock and traumatize. The Gods only know we can all do with a little more magic and optimism in our troubled world.”.

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Colour, 35mm, 1.1:85, Dolby Digital
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Shorts Conbrio Ltd
2008 - New Zealand International Film Festival. 2009 'Best Short Film' Berlin Film Festival, L.A Shortsfest, Vladivostok International Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival.
Sales Agent: 
NZ Film

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