Toronto International Film Festival

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The Toronto International Film Festival is a key festival for launching independent productions. 

The festival (or TIFF) is often referred to as a test event for American and European independent productions, providing good opportunities for marketing and press campaigns. 

International sections include: Gala Presentations (premieres of international large scale productions), Masters (recent works by the doyens of international cinema), Special Presentations (premieres of new films by well-known directors), Contemporary World Cinema (overview of interesting recent productions by well-known directors and award winners at other festivals), Discovery (premieres of first and second films by "next hot directors"),  Midnight Madness, Wavelengths (avant-garde films), Short Cuts (short films) and TIFF Kids (featuring the best in international cinema for children and youth). 

New Zealand films which have screened at Toronto include Mahana/The Patriarch, The Rehearsal, Born to Dance, 25 April, A Flickering TruthThe Dark Horse, Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls, The Dead Lands, and Beyond the Edge.