Interactive Development Fund

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The Interactive Development Fund is a pilot programme designed to enable the development of interactive content with strong original story aspects and significant New Zealand creative and cultural outcomes.




The NZFC has allocated a total of $200,000 towards the pilot round of the Interactive Development Fund for successful applicants. This is a pilot programme designed to enable the development of interactive content with strong original story aspects and significant New Zealand creative and cultural outcomes.

It is envisioned that the fund will encourage collaboration between sectors, developing new skills and synergies. Through the development of new innovative interactive stories, it is intended that potential new markets and audiences are identified, developed and engaged.

What is supported?

The fund supports concept development of original narrative-focussed interactive and games content delivered on any platform (including mobile, online, console as well as virtual reality (including 360) and augmented reality).

Funding will be provided to develop an interactive concept including creative material such as story and design, that may form the basis of a playable prototype that is suitable to access the appropriate marketplace to seek project financing.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for funding, the applicant must be:

  • a New Zealand company; and
  • the originator or majority owner of the intellectual property (IP) or the rights upon which the work is based; and
  • able to demonstrate the capacity and level of expertise to be able to deliver the project.

Funding available

The level of support will generally be up to a maximum of $25,000 as a non-recoupable grant. The NZFC may consider funding up to a maximum of $50,000 per project in exceptional circumstances, but such a request will need to be commensurate with the scope and nature of the work to be undertaken as well as the ambition and level of complexity of the project and the type of delivery platform and technology used. If funding of over $25,000 is provided, the entirety of the funding up to $50,000 will be treated as an equity investment and the NZFC will recoup this amount pro rata parri passu with other investors based on the budget of the work.

How to apply

The application deadline is 9am on Friday 24 February 2017. Applications must be received by this time, and late or incomplete applications will not be considered. To apply, please ensure you have read the Interactive Development Fund (Pilot Programme) – Guidelines for Applicants document in full, fill out the application form, and return to us with all relevant materials and information required (see download links below).

Eligible applications will be assessed by a panel consisting of industry professionals and NZFC staff. The panel will make recommendations to the Head of Talent Development, who will make a final decision in consultation with the Chief Executive. Shortlisting is expected to take place within six to eight weeks from the application deadline, with the final notification of shortlisting and outcome approximately four weeks later.

Please note that our application forms are writable PDFs. You must download and save them to your computer before you can type into them (right click, then ‘Save As’). Many browsers (including Chrome and Firefox) will automatically open these documents in a ‘preview’ form that will not allow you to type into them or will not allow you to save what you have written.

For more information and to submit your application, please contact [email protected].