Ramai Hayward Wahine Māori Directors' Scholarship

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The Ramai Hayward Wahine Māori Directors' Scholarship acknowledges the legacy and outstanding contribution of pioneering Māori filmmaker, Ramai Hayward.

Born in 1916, Patricia Rongomaitara "Ramai" Hayward (Ngāi Tahu, Ngāti Kahungunu) was New Zealand’s first Māori filmmaker, working as an actor, camerawoman, director and scriptwriter from the 1930s, through to her death in 2014.  Her career took her to Australia, Albania, the UK and China, where she and her husband, Rudall Hayward, made the first English language films after the Communist revolution. 

The aim of this scholarship is to support wahine Māori first time feature film directors to progress their projects to a market-ready state, and assist with securing a producer and production finance in the future. 

The scholarship is a total of up to $50,000 to be provided as a grant for wahine Māori first time feature film directors. This scholarship may be shared by more than one recipient.

This scholarship will fund a programme of tailored support for the recipient(s). The support is expected to be evenly split between script and skills development. The final tailored programme will be developed by the successful recipient(s) and the NZFC, in consultation with Ngā Aho Whakaari and other relevant film industry organisations.

The specific details of the programme will depend upon the individual’s circumstances and current career point.  However, we anticipate that it will include bespoke script development support, skills development workshops, film market training and attendance at events locally and potentially internationally. The kaupapa of this scholarship will be reflective and respectful of Te Ao Māori.

The recipient(s) may be a director or a writer/director. There is no requirement for a producer to be attached to the project to apply. 

Who can apply?

Applicants must:

  • Be wahine Māori;
  • Have a feature film script in development that could be fast-tracked to finance within 12 months. The script doesn’t have to be written by the director.
  • Have at least three years screen industry experience, preferably in directing short film, TV, web series; documentary or drama;
  • Have a genuine desire and strategy around how they can build a career in filmmaking.

What to include:

Applicants must include the following as part of their application:

  • A one-page statement about why they wish to undertake this opportunity and what the key skills and career development opportunities are that would help them progress to directing their first feature film:
  • A one-page overview of what script development their project needs to undergo to progress to a market-ready stage by the end of the scholarship term;
  • CV and showreel of previous work via online link;
  • Reference from an industry peer outlining how this opportunity will be significant for the applicant’s career;
  • Feature film screenplay in industry standard format;
  • For directors who are not also the writer, a letter from the writer confirming the formal attachment of the director to the project.

Assessment Process:

  • Applications will be assessed and a short-list decided by a combination of NZFC staff, and a panel of prominent Māori filmmakers and other creatives from related industries.
  • Short-listed directors will be invited to meet with the panel to discuss their project in more detail, the barriers they currently face, and their career goals.
  • Recommendations from the panel will be made to the NZFC CEO and NZFC Head of Talent Development who will, together with an external scholarship patron, make the final decision.
  • All applicants will be notified of the decisions within eight weeks of the application deadline.

Please send your application in PDF format, with embedded links to visual material, to: [email protected]  by 28th April 2017 at 9am

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

The NZFC will endeavor to support a diverse range of project types, styles and scales.

Wahine Māori Directors’ Hui

A selection of applicants will be invited to attend a hui.  This is a chance to meet a group of fellow filmmakers and forge some connections. We plan to create a day where applicants can share experiences, talk about the hurdles and challenges they might have and help to foster a network of peers at a similar stage in their careers. This approach worked well for our recent Gaylene Preston scholarship. Travel and attendance support will be provided.