Key Facts

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The New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) is an Autonomous Crown Entity operating under the New Zealand Film Commission Act 1978.

What we do


  • invest in original and culturally significant New Zealand films
  • help talented New Zealand filmmakers develop their careers
  • work to build connections internationally and to grow audiences for New Zealand films, here and overseas
  • market New Zealand’s screen production industry overseas
  • attract international screen productions to New Zealand
  • provide a specialist enquiry service and are the first point of contact for incoming international production.

We also help negotiate co-production treaties, administer the New Zealand Screen Production Grant, the Post, Digital and Visual Effects Grant and the 5% Uplift, and certify official co-productions and New Zealand films for tax purposes

Planning for success

We judge our success by the success of the New Zealand screen industry. To describe what success would look like, we use the image of ‘lining up the planets’ for our industry and stakeholders.

Our Budget

Our budget is made up of Government funding, Lottery Grants Board funding (we receive 6.5 % of Lotteries Commission profits), film income, interest and reserves. In the 2014/15 year our total budget is $24.253 million.

Find out more about how we use our budget in our Annual Report by clicking here.

Our Board

The NZFC Board is a statutory body and provides governance and policy direction for the NZFC. Our funding decisions are made by a seven-member board representing the film industry and the wider business and arts community based on input from, and the recommendations of staff. 

Our People

Find out about our team by clicking here.

Our history

In the decades since we were established, more than 300 feature films have been made in New Zealand with the vast majority receiving funding support from us or the Government grants we administer. In the preceding 30 years, fewer than 20 feature films were made in New Zealand.

Many of the films we have invested in are available through our VOD service and our film library.