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Goodbye Pork Pie

The New Zealand Film Commission is a crown entity working to grow the New Zealand film industry.

The work we do touches on just about everything to do with film.  We invest in feature films, short films, script and career development and marketing and promoting New Zealand films and filmmakers both here and overseas.  We are committed to telling New Zealand stories through the medium of film.  We often work in conjunction with other government agencies, such as the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Tourism New Zealand and the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment.  We are responsible for administering the New Zealand Screen Production Grant, the Post, Digital and Visual Effects Grant and the 5% Uplift, and for certifying official co-productions and New Zealand films for tax purposes. 

Through our financing and administration of incentive schemes we have been involved in more than 300 feature films including Boy, Goodbye Pork Pie, Heavenly Creatures, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Avatar, Whale Rider and Mr Pip.

We have a permanent staff of 28 and are based in Wellington.  We also have a number of staff members supporting us on fixed term contracts.

Development and Production

Soon to be headed by Leanne Saunders (from late May 2016) and comprising development executives Christina Andreef and Karin Williams, production executive Marc Ashton, coordinator Linda Halle and assisted by Steph Tims, this unit is responsible for helping exciting ideas become great films. They are the people to talk to about what we can do to facilitate feature length films and documentaries, including script, shoot and post.  EDF and ADF applications should be sent to Linda and production investment applications should be sent to Marc. The unit’s focus is working with filmmakers to create the best possible films so you need to talk to the next team if you want general career assistance.

Talent Development

The focus of this new unit is to assist career pathways for talented professionals in the industry. Led by Dale Corlett and comprising Bonnie Slater and Jude McLaren, this is our talent engagement and growth area. A particular focus is facilitating connections, both here and overseas, for local and expat producers, directors, writers and actors. The team is also responsible for our relationships with industry guilds and organisations (Bonnie), and for administering our support for short films as a valuable stepping stone to feature films. 


Run by Jasmin McSweeney and comprising Roxane Gajadhar, Kate Larkindale, Lesa MacLeod-Whiting and Tracey Brown, the focus of this unit is to get more people watching great New Zealand feature films and shorts, here and overseas.  Jasmin is the first person to talk to about dealing with sales agents, distributors, major festivals and the new VOD platform.  Kate focuses on test screenings and preparation of press releases and marketing collateral for short and feature films and the NZFC's video on demand platform. Lesa co-ordinates festival submissions and assists Jasmin and Roxane in promoting and marketing New Zealand films here and overseas, Tracey looks after film materials and deliveries.  Roxane and Kate market and promote New Zealand's screen production industry.

For all media enquiries regarding film-specific projects please contact our Head of Marketing Jasmin McSweeney. For all corporate media enquiries please contact Executive Assistant Antoinette Wilcox.

Incentives and International Relations

Catherine Bates  is responsible for the administration of the Government’s new New Zealand Screen Production Grant (NZSPG) which replaces the Large Budget Screen Production Grant (LBSPG) and Screen Production Incentive Fund (SPIF) and works closely in this role with Head of International Relations, Chris Payne. Supporting Catherine and Chris are Incentives Executive, Chris Tyson and Incentives Co-ordinator Kristen Rowe. Philippa Mossman and Jacqui Wood provide a conduit between overseas customers and local film industry specialists with the support of Pam McCabe.

Business Affairs

Chloe McLoughlin is our Head of Business Affairs working with Business Affairs Executive Larissa Barbour and Business Affairs Assistant Conal Thompson. Chloe and Larissa are responsible for all contractual matters, including film closing and sales and distribution contracts.  Conal provides administrative support to the Business Affairs unit.

Strategy and Research

Selina Joe is our Strategy and Insights Advisor and faciliates the development of agency strategy and policy for the NZFC. 


Finance is headed by Mladen Ivancic and includes Catherine Robinson, Dominique Fromont and Bonnie Tonkin. They are responsible for managing the NZFC’s financial and information management systems.

Mladen is also responsible for the administration of co-production applications and works alongside Government agencies on the negotiation of new co-production agreements. Dominique manages and monitors royalty reports and film income from domestic and international distributors, sales agents and collection agencies. In addition, Catherine manages the distribution of film income to investors and filmmakers once it has been collected by the NZFC.

Māori and Pasifika Stories

Māori and Pasifika stories are unique to New Zealand and this strand is represented by key NZFC staff Jasmin McSweeney, Karin Williams and Tracey Brown. Please feel free to contact any one of these staff members with any Māori and/or Pasifika-related enquiries. We are committed to a strategy that will advance the making of great Māori and Pasifika films for global audiences.